Fabric Cornices for Windows Fabric Cornices for Windows

Cornices for windows come in several different types of material. You will find that fabric is usually the most popular. They are versatile and add a softness that other materials lack. No matter what your décor is like, you will be able to find a fabric cornice that goes with it perfectly.

What They Are

These types of cornice are basically a board that is covered in fabric. The board is then mounted on the top of your window. It can be found in many different colors of fabric so that you can get a design for every single room in your home.

What They Do

Cornices are used to add a more finished and polished look to your window, as it will cover the top part where your drapes are curtains begin. It does not block any sunlight. It will, however, add to the detail of the frame of your window. This structured look helps to add class and elegance to your window.

Where to Find Them

You will be able to find fabric cornices at any stores that sell accents for windows, meaning blinds, curtains or drapes. There is usually a very broad selection for you to choose from online. You can even make them yourself with a few basic tools.

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