Fabric Spray Paints for Furniture

If your furniture is looking tired or has become sun bleached yet remains sturdy, using spray paints for rejuvenation can be ideal. With a little work, you will find that renovation is a better solution than replacement. 


Fabric spray paints can be used on a range of different types of furniture, whether it is carpets and curtains or chairs and sofa. High levels of wear can occur at specific points on a carpet or chair though the main body of the item remains sturdy and intact. No matter what item of furniture has suffered some wear, consider whether it can be rectified with paint rather than replacing it. This can be especially useful to reduce the cost that can be necessary to reupholster worn car seats.    


Though many different types of fabric are suitable to have spray paints applied to them, there are a few others that are not. Generally, paints will not work on fabrics that do not allow liquid to penetrate it such as leather or some other coated material. Fabrics that have been treated in some way will usually not be capable of accepting any paint. If in doubt, test the material by dripping some water onto it to see if it runs off or sinks in. In the event that the fabric absorbs the water, you should still test the paint by applying a little to an inconspicuous section of the furniture in accordance with the instructions.


There are a range of different fabric paints available and the one that you use will depend on the type of problem that you are using it to solve. If the fabric of the furniture has actually become worn, then upholstery spray paints can be used to strengthen the damaged section as well as color it.

Fabric that has merely faded due to it being left in direct sunlight can be rectified with spray paints of the appropriate color. If you have a large area that requires covering with paint, check the paint container to confirm the area that the particular volume of paint can cover. Using these sprays is also an ideal alternative to reupholstering when you simply want a different look by changing the color of furniture fabric.


These paints tend to be non-toxic so it will not be necessary to ensure the area is ventilated while it is being used. Clear any items away from the site to be painted so that they do not accidentally suffer damage. Check to see if it is recommended that the surface should be cleaned before the spray is used.

Care Instructions

As long as the instructions are followed properly and the paint is allowed to dry properly, the color will not rub off on clothes. The paint will remain free from cracks and peeling and is resistant to UV rays so will no be affected if left in direct sunlight. After use, the cap of the spray should be replaced firmly before it is stored in a cool, dark place.