Facts about Furniture Teak Oil

If you’re considering using furniture teak oil for your teak furniture, there are a few basics you should consider. Teak oil can be a helpful way to maintain your outdoor furniture, and it can be useful indoors as well.

Furniture Teak Oil is not Absolutely Necessary

You do not need to use teak oil on your furniture. Most people prefer to use it to help maintain the colors of their furniture and to keep outdoor furniture from wear and tear. It can also be used on indoor furniture to keep from having to maintain it over the years. One coat and you’ll be set for awhile.

Some People Question the Effectiveness of Teak Oil

Some people think that furniture teak oil will not keep the honey brown color of your outdoor furniture. They believe that it will still turn gray after some years. Even if this does happen, a light sanding will bring your furniture back to its natural shine.

One Coat does the Job

Just one coat of furniture teak oil is sufficient for your furniture. You should apply one coat; let it dry for a few minutes until it becomes a little sticky. Wipe off the excess oil with a rag and your furniture is ready.