Facts about Lava Rocks

Many people like to use some lava rocks in their garden for a variety of color, shape, and texture. The lava rock is not a man made material, but one that forms naturally from real volcanoes. Using real lava rocks in a garden, or landscaping project, will definitely set your property apart from others.

Structure of Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are an igneous rock formation that is called basalt. These rocks are among the most common in the entire world. Many of the islands in the Pacific ocean are made entirely out of basalt rock.

Color of Lava Rocks

What gives the lava rock its popularity is the color it can be found in naturally. One of the colors is a dark gray. Other colors that can be found in lava rocks is a red color as well as a blue-green color. The blend of theses rocks creates a wonderful kaleidoscope display.

Look of Lava Rocks

Another great property of lava rock is its natural appearance. Many lava rocks have cavities, holes, and different shapes that make up its formation. Its great shape is because of the way that it comes out of the ground in a lava flow and then cools very quickly. Some lava rocks are full of minerals that can shine on the surface.