Masking Tape 101

A man uses masking tape.

Masking tape is a type of tape with a gentle adhesive that gives it numerous applications in home improvement projects such as painting and decorating.

Masking Tape as a Painting Supply

If you are painting your house, you'll want to keep masking tape in your tool kit. It is used to literally mask off areas that you do not want to be painted. If you are putting color on your walls, you can run masking tape along the base and crown molding to retain a clean line separating the wall color from the molding color.

You can also use masking tape to hold plastic ground covers in place, which will considerably ease clean up after a painting project. Thanks to its gentle adhesive, the masking tape itself is easy to remove and won't leave any residue.

Masking Tape as a Design Tool

In addition to its practical uses, masking tape can also serve as stenciling for creative projects. You can use masking tape to mask out a design on your walls. Simply paint over your “masked design” and then remove the tape. Anywhere you placed your masking tape will reveal an unpainted design amidst your freshly painted walls. Use this method to create a striped effect or abstract design. Or repeat this technique over the same area several times to create a layered and unique painted surface.