Facts About Solar Power Chargers for Your Laptop

If you are hoping to find green energy sources, then you’ll be interested in these facts about solar power chargers for your laptop. Regular laptop batteries only provide a few hours worth of power, preventing your from taking the laptop away from a power source for a long period of time. Solar powered chargers are a great alternative to traditional batteries.

Facts About Solar Power Chargers

  • Solar powered chargers work by turning light energy into electricity. The Hubble telescope is powered by the same technology.
  • The first solar laptop chargers were introduced in January of 2008 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Since then, many companies have taken the concept and developed it further.
  • One development has been a solar charger that is able to power not only laptop computers, but also GPS systems and small tools. It can produce about 13 watts of power.  
  • Another development is a mat shaped charger that rolls out to dimensions of about 12 by 57 inches. It can produce 14 watts of power. While solar powered chargers may cost a bit more, they do produce a completely renewable source of electricity.
  • Eco-friendly and portable, solar powered chargers allow users to take computers away from traditional power sources for many more hours.