Facts about Various Walnut Tree Species Facts about Various Walnut Tree Species

A walnut tree is a species that belongs to the walnut family. The walnut family contains about 59 different species, of which 6 are native to the United Sates. Walnut trees are known to lose their leaves every year. The leaves on a walnut tree have a long stem with multiple leaflets.

Walnut Tree Species

Of the walnut tree species, the Black Walnut is by far the most widespread walnut tree. This tree grows in the eastern region of the United States. Growing approximately 100 feet high, this tree is known for its production of beautiful nuts that ripen and are ready in the fall. The Black Walnut is also well-known for its wood, reddish in color and often used in joinery.

In comparison to the tall Black Walnut tree, the Little Walnut is a small shrub-like tree that in many cases will be found as one tree with multiple smaller stems protruding from the trunk. The Little Walnut is commonly found in the western part of Texas, through Oklahoma and Kansas.

Other Walnut Trees, such as those found in California, prefer moist soil near streambeds. One such species is the Hinds Walnut found in the hills and mountains of Northern California.

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