Facts about Vertical Wood Siding

Today there are many vertical sidings available in the market, but when we think of a durable siding with a classy look, the vertical wood siding is the perfect one. The vertical wood sidings are of different types depending on their material and design. The most common ones are: wood shingle, plywood sheet siding, clapboard etc. These sidings are very easy to install and can be installed by any carpenter or professional siding installer.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Wood sidings have few major problems. The first one is: they are prone to termite invasion. Nowadays these sidings are treated with special preservatives which cut down this risk. Sidings made of redwood or plywood sidings do not have this risk. The vertical wood sidings are also difficult to keep up but if maintained properly they can last up to 30 years. The wood siding also inherits the risk of cracking if not maintained properly.


The basic maintenance includes refinishing them and repainting them after every two years. If it is power washed once in every year the risk of algal and fungal growth also decreases significantly. But still whatever it might be, the other types of siding are no match when it comes to the elegant looks of the wood sidings.