Fall is the Perfect Time to Organize Your Garage Fall is the Perfect Time to Organize Your Garage

As days grow shorter and temperatures become cooler, it means the inevitable is just around the corner: everything that came out of your garage this spring needs to go back in before winter rolls around. That means you need to find room for the gardening supplies, the patio furniture, the sandbox toys and more. Not to mention corralling all the tools that you've used throughout the summer to tune up the bikes, fix the swing set and put together the new picnic table.

If you're wondering where it's all going to go, maybe it's time to spend part of the weekend creating some order in all that chaos. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Divide and Conquer

Start by separating the clutter in your garage into piles. For example, all snow shoveling equipment (shovel, ice scraper, salt) should be together, all sports paraphernalia goes in another pile, lawn care items in yet another pile?you get the picture. This will give you an idea of what you're dealing with in terms of organizing.

Be sure to have a "throw it out" pile and a "donate it" pile. Throw away broken toys, almost empty cans of paint, and rusty garden tools. Donate sports equipment your kids have outgrown or that extra lawn edger.

A Place for Everything

Now you know what you need to store. Home improvement stores are a good place to start. Look for storage systems that match your needs. If your family owns bikes, consider hooks designed to hang them from the ceiling or a vertical bike rack to get the bikes off the floor and create more space. A tall storage cabinet provides a place to put out-of-season toys and tools. Shelving units or wall-mounted cabinets supply a convenient spot for sporting equipment.

Take Care of Your Tools

For many homeowners, the garage doubles as a work area. If your tools have become scattered over the summer, or if they're in a pile on your workbench, now's the time to corral them. A pegboard and a good tool chest will help keep tools safe and handy.

Start with a Clean Sweep

Before you start putting all your organized stuff back into the garage, take the time to sweep the floor and hose it down to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust. If your car has been leaking oil, use a product made for this problem to get it cleaned up as well.

With a little time and compartmentalizing, it will be easier than ever to find what you're looking for, your garage will seem roomier and it will be a more pleasant place to work.

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