Fan Thermostat Control

hand adjusting digital thermostat

You can install a thermostat control unit separately from the fan that moves heated or cooled air. The unit provides you the ability to activate or deactivate the cooling fans in your home. Some people regard these devices as money-saving, since users can predetermine the temperature at which the fans turn on.

Without a thermostat control, you might turn on fans when you feel warm, without any knowledge of how hot the room actually is. Plus the fan won't cool a room to the right temperature before you arrive, nor turn itself off once the room reaches the ideal heat.

Running your fan continuously, your other alternative, makes it more likely to break down, or collect excessive dirt and debris, which can contribute to allergies. Buying a fan thermostat control is a great idea if you want more say in when your fan operates.

Basic Types of Fan Thermostat Control

The kind of fan thermostat control you purchase depends very much upon what you intend to use the controls for. A simple control will offer only on/off switches, which will control the fan turning on and off, but not much else. These are the cheapest variety, and they will work in a home which has a fan in each room.

Other devices are more complex—for example, they may have lights which indicate when the fan is on as well as heat selection, which allows you to switch between a warm room (for winter) and a cool room (for summer). Heat selection will help prevent the fan from turning itself on during the winter months when you require a hotter living area. These are more pricey than the basic model, but not as expensive as those with even more functions.

Other Functions

Additional functions of the fan mean that you can choose which fan speed you would like increased heat to trigger, so you could have a slow circulation of air when the temperature is only moderate, but a high fan speed during the warmest summer days. Because this feature controls the amount of air moving around the room, it's also convenient in seasons when the temperature fluctuates between warm and cool. More complex thermostats like this are expensive, but you may decide that the ability to control fan blade speed makes the extra cost worthwhile.

Industrial Controls

Industrial thermostat controls can trigger both hot and cold fan systems. So a fat may start when heat from a welder or a hot-air rewiring station increases the temperature in the room. But a fan heater can also start, which will warm the room during cold periods. An industrial thermostat control ensures that a workroom never gets too hot to function, but also ensures that cold does not freeze vital pieces of equipment.