Fascia Installation: Tips for Cutting Aluminum Fascia

In tackling an aluminum fascia installation for your home, you'll typically find yourself needing to cut the aluminum. There are probably a variety of methods you can use to cut it, but to do it the right way, if you've never attempted this, you'll need a few tips.

Tip 1 – Wear Eye and Ear Protection

In sawing any material, especially metal, you run the risk of getting flying shards imbedded in your eye. To avoid this type of injury, wear protective eye glasses or goggles. A second protection you should use is ear plugs. Without them, your eardrums can become damaged from the loud noise of the blade cutting metal.

Tip 2 – Use the Right Saw Blade

The best blade for your saw, a blade that will prevent binding, will be a plywood blade with its teeth arranged like those of a crosscut blade. Every other tooth is bent the opposite way. The first is bent left, the next right, and so on. When inserting the blade in the saw, insert it backwards.

Tip 3 – Protect the Finished Surface

When laying your aluminum fascia on a table to be cut, keep the finished surface turned face up. This will prevent it from being scratched or scored when you slide it along the table surface.