Fast, Cheap Kitchen Renovations

simple kitchen island in loft style room with large windows for natural light and plants

You could spend thousands of dollars on a high end kitchen reno, but if you’re short on cash and overflowing with creativity and desire, take a look at some of these ideas for ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take much to show your unique tastes and create some kitchen upgrades that inspire you and your guests.

Light it Up

You have many options when choosing kitchen lighting, but no matter which type you choose, increasing the light in your kitchen does wonders to make you feel less isolated. Sure, you can open up the curtains, but we’re talking about switching out the fixtures (or adding new ones) to help incorporate some added cheer.

stylish kitchen with beautiful lights and kitchen island

Pendant lights over the island or over the dining table can add a touch of flair. Connect to a dimmer switch and you can adjust it to the perfect cozy glow. Hidden fixtures under cabinets brighten up your counterspace while additional lighting over the cabinets adds ambience. Mix it up with some vintage fixtures. The choices are vast and all up to you.

Island Life

There’s no doubt about the practicality of the kitchen island. It’s the perfect multi-use kitchen accessory we couldn’t, rather, shouldn’t, live without. Granted, many people function perfectly without it, but if you’ve got one (or the space for one), why not flaunt it? We’re talking about installing an unconventional island using a piece of furniture like an antique table. It doesn’t have to be antique, or even a table, as long as it provides a horizontal workspace, storage underneath, and a place to gather.

kitchen island with stools

Unique Hardware

Conventional hardware is perfectly fine, but oh so... conventional. They are practical and easy to find, but if you’ve got a hankering for something a little more interesting, think beyond the hardware store for cabinet pulls. Check the thrift shop for antique silverware to make unusual handles that can double as talking pieces at your next state authorized get together. Rejoice in your own quirkiness!

Find Space For Collectibles

There’s no point in collecting if you keep it hidden in a cabinet. Share the things that give you joy by creating a kitchen display for treasured items so you can see them every day. A glass front cabinet provides maximum viewing pleasure while protecting your keepsakes from dust buildup and kitchen grime. Open shelving is easy to install and gives you uninhibited access to your collection. We love being able to interact with our treasures, but only choose this type of display if you're confident they won't be damaged by curious kitties or accidental jostling.

kitchen with open cabinet shelving

Ditch the Cabinets

Cabinets can be so constricting sometimes, don’t you think? Why not open things up by tossing the idea of cabinets altogether and using open shelving to store your dishes, glasses, and mugs? This style of shelving gives the illusion of more space—but only if you’re able to keep things neat, tidy, and organized. This isn’t for everyone, especially those who can’t seem to keep their junk drawers from exploding.

Switch to an Extra Deep Sink

We’re not suggesting it as a way to hide your dishes when you don’t want to do them—although this could be an added benefit. We love the extra deep sink for a multitude of reasons: extra space to keep splash back from happening when you drain your spaghetti, plenty of space to prep the redfish you just caught, and plenty of room to wash the glut of fruit you’ve harvested from your orchard. It might not sound like much, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

extra deep kitchen sink

Create a Cozy Corner

If you’re lucky enough to have a cute little corner space that serves as a breakfast nook or storage space, we're jealous, especially if it has a quaint window looking out onto the world. Make it a comfy space to have your morning tea or afternoon cocoa by bringing out the vintage pillows, grandma’s patchwork quilt, or a shaggy rug to sink your toes into. It doesn’t matter what you’re style is, if you love it and it makes you happy, use it in that space for a mini getaway.

Hang Your Favorite Artwork

The kitchen isn’t usually one of the places where you consider displaying artwork, but what we’re referring to doesn’t have to be a conventional painting—unless you want it to be. Think about the things you love, the places you’ve been, the souvenirs that are rolling around in drawers. Collect them and see how you can create a vignette to really showcase who you are and your true spirit. Whether they’re decorative tiles or souvenir spoons, there’s a place for them in your kitchen.