Father's Day Gift Guide for the Car-Obsessed Dad

A father and son working on a classic car together.

For a dad who loves all things automobile, there are so many gift choices out there that are sure to make him smile. If you frequently find your dad underneath the hood of a car, tooling around the neighborhood flashing his wheels, or loving every second of an aimless road trip, this is the gift guide for you.

For the Road Trip Extraordinaire

First, let’s talk about gifts for the dad who likes to burn rubber and take a trip on the wide open road. Our favorite picks are listed below!

Navigation System

Gone are the days of staring at a paper map with a magnifying glass. Empower dad to get anywhere his heart desires at the drop of a hat by giving him the latest and greatest navigation system to use on all of his road trips. He’ll never have to stop to ask for directions again!

Emergency Road Kit

A car emergency kit.

Even for cars in the best of shape, a flat tire, breakdown, or bump along the way can occur. To ensure that a dad on the go is ready for anything, gift him an emergency road kit to keep on hand. This should include items like batteries, a flashlight, a first aid kit, orange cones, a screwdriver, pliers, and duct tape.

For the Home Garage Mechanic

Dads who love to make improvements on their vehicles or are handy under the hood are probably craving a different kind of gift. Don’t worry—we have them covered here, too!

A Code Reader

Technology has done wonders in the world of auto mechanics! A code reader is a relatively inexpensive and handy tool that helps determine what problems a car may be having. It spits out a short diagnostic code, which your dad can research online to know what kind of issue he may be fiddling with.

A Floor or Exhaust Jack

A car jack being used on a red car.

For those working on cars in their own garage, a floor or exhaust jack is a must-have. These make it easy to see what’s going on under the car without straining the back, as well as make it easy to lift wheels and complete tire rotations. An exhaust jack is a more economical option, making this a viable option for even a small budget!

Little Details

You don’t need to go crazy to give your mechanical dad a great gift. Remember that the devil’s in the details, so little gifts can make a big impact. Items like a pocket screwdriver, a rechargeable flashlight, heavy duty work gloves, or a pair of grease and oil-resistant shoes can make their work much easier and more pleasant!

For the Car Admirer

If your dad is more hands-off in the garage but loves to admire cars, we have some ideas for him, too.

Something Vintage Inspired

Is there anything cooler than a classic vintage car? In your dad’s case, the answer to that question is probably no. Treat your dad to something vintage inspired, like a shirt with an old car model featured on it or even a small model of a classic car he likes.

Race or Car Show Tickets

A vintage car show.

If you have a larger budget, you could always give dad tickets to a race or nearby car show. This gives him a chance to find some new favorite models and it’s something you can even do together!

Car-Themed Movies

Your dad will probably love watching a movie centering around his favorite thing—cars. Even if you buy a few DVDs, this is still a budget-friendly gift idea. Look for movies with great race scenes, such as Gone in Sixty Seconds, Winning with Paul Newman, or Le Mans with Steve McQueen.

Sometimes it’s tough to think of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, but this guide makes it easy for any dad who loves all things cars. Give him something that helps indulge his need for speed and he’s sure to thank you!