Father's Day Party

DoItYourself staff

Your father is special and you might want to throw him a special father’s day party. Here is how you can plan this wonderful day.

Father’s Day Party Invitations

Send out invitations to all your friends, family and anyone else your father might enjoy seeing. How about long lost buddies of his or perhaps an old teacher or two? The possibilities are endless.

You have two main options with party invitations. You could buy the invitations. Check out your local hobby or craft shops. Sometimes they will have invitations on sale at the end of May because of graduation time. You might be able to find some generic invitations.

But you could always make your own invitations. Here is a list of some possible materials you will need to make your own invitations.

1. Card stock: Good strong card stock is better for invitations. Why? When you are sending these through the mail, they will hold up to the handling they will get through the mail. If you use glue, pictures or other decorations on the card, card stock holds up well to these decorative additions.
2. Glue: You will need glue if you use things you want to stick on.
3. Markers, crayons, paint or other coloring implements: This is up to you which you’d prefer. You could use a combination of these items for a more decorative flair.
4. Decoratives: Sequins, confetti, ribbons, flowers, pictures and photographs are just a few of the items that could be used on the invitations.

Decide the size you want the invitations but you should make it a size that complements the size of the envelope you will send the invitation in. A typical size is five by seven inches. Measure out the appropriate size and start making the invitation. Then decorate the invitation. Let it dry and send it out.

Party Food

A party isn’t a party unless there’s party food. For dad, you need something special. Father’s Day is in mid June and perhaps your dad is into grilling and cookouts. The temperatures outside are typically warm by this time in most places. If so, then you should have a cookout for him. It’s a perfect time to grill out. If he is the one who typically cooks out, then you could learn how or enlist of the help of a friend who might be able to use the grill.

Typical grillables include hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs, chicken tenders and even salmon and other grillable fish. The list doesn’t have to stop there. You can grill fruit and other things too. Just ask around to see what sorts of things your dad might like on the grill.

You don’t have to use the grill though. You could prepare a nice meal on the conventional stove too and still make it a meal dad will love. Make sure there are lots of finger foods and snacks so that when the guests arrive, they will have food to snack on before the main meal.


Decorate the place where you are having the party with streamers and balloons. Perhaps your dad has a favorite color or theme. You could use that in decorating the place. You can even decorate the outside if you are holding the party outside.

Fill up balloons with some helium to hang on the banister of the deck or porch. Add a sign or two saying how much you appreciate your dad. Your dad will more likely enjoy the attention.

If you want, you can buy some novelties to put on the tables or place settings of all the invited. Some places sell little figurines, bubbles and other novelties at a cheap rate when you buy in bulk. Just search around your local hobby or craft shop. There are places online too that sell such items. Just do a search on your favorite search engine for party novelties.


Entertainment is always a must at a party. There are many party games from DVD games to music entertainment. Play your dad’s favorite music in the background even if you don’t like the music. It’s a dad for your dad and he deserves nothing less.

You can play all sorts of games from your dad’s favorite board games. Perhaps he is into card games. Set up a card game table for a night of poker or other favorite card games.


Of course, presents are welcome but for the sake of etiquette you shouldn’t require guests to bring a present. Still, you should be giving your dad a present for father’s day. Brainstorm some things your dad could really use. Maybe he has enough neck ties and key rings. Think outside the box. Perhaps just a nice gift certificate to his favorite store would suffice.

Dads are Special

Yes, dads are special people. They do so much for us. Celebrate your dad by throwing him the greatest father’s day party ever.