Faux Fireplace Logs: Buying Basics

If you have a gas fireplace in your home, then you will need fireplace logs that have the appearance of real logs, but none of the needed maintenance.

Choosing a Log Style
Faux fireplace logs are constructed out of ceramic material that actually gives off heat when the fireplace is being used. There are several different kinds of imitation log styles available and choosing one that accomplishes your goal of appearing like a real fire will make all the difference in how happy you are with the logs.

Logs are available in configurations that include a block of logs that appear to be stacked or individual logs that you stack yourself. While blocks of logs can be less expensive, individual logs often will have a more natural appearance since they can be stacked as high or as low as natural wood logs would be stacked. Keep in mind than the logs can give off a substantial amount of heat when they are being used and can heat an entire room.

Faux logs are also available in a wide variety of wood styles. Consider choosing a wood style that is native or common to your area to more closely reflect a natural wood that you would use in your fireplace.