Faux vs. Natural Stone Retaining Walls

When it comes to decorating your yard and making it look great, many people believe that natural stone retaining walls are the best. More and more people though are using faux stone when they are building retaining walls and are just as happy with the material. Here is some information about each one to help you make a decision on which you want to use.

Faux Stone

One of the greatest things about faux stone when it comes to building a retaining wall is that you can find it at a much better price. If budget is a concern when you are doing this project then faux stone is definitely the route to take. It looks a lot like the natural stone and it also is great for cleaning. Because of the material, it is much easier to clean off than natural stone is. This helps if you really are look for a low maintenance material and aren't really interested in much upkeep after the initial installation.

The only downside to this type of material is that it isn't the real thing. Yes, it looks like natural stone and has many benefits such as price and maintenance, but some people would just rather have the real deal and if that is the case, then faux stone is not the material for you.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has both pros and cons when it comes to being the material used for retaining walls. One of the biggest pros is that it is the real thing and therefore looks much more natural. When you are building in your yard you want to make sure that you are keeping everything as natural as possible and you really can't get more natural than with the real material. One other great thing about the natural stone is that it is often better if you live in a place where the winds are high or you have drastic weather at all.

Natural stone, since it's home is actually the outdoors, can withstand pretty much any weather that comes by and this is great because it will last longer than the faux stone. The downside though to investing in natural stone for a big project is that it really is an investment as far as money is concerned. You will be spending a lot more money on the natural stone then if you were to use faux stone for your retaining wall. However, you will have to replace the natural stone much less than you will if you were to use to faux stone. Another downside is that while they are easy to wash off with a hose to keep clean, faux stones are slicker and therefore easier in the maintenance department.

While they both have their downsides, they also both have great qualities about them. You have to keep many things in mind when you are considering your retaining wall project. Cost, quality and maintenance are 3 big areas of concern when you are trying to pick the best material for you.