Features of a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

A high efficiency gas furnace is the answer to a healthy living. Today, more and more people are looking at options to reduce their costs, thus spend less and pollute less. This quest has led them to question and change the traditional way of doing things. A high efficiency gas furnace is the byproduct of this mind set. In case your existing furnace is more than 20 years old it’s time for you to get these new high efficiency furnace. This will help you improve your home heating. With the new heating technology available today, it is possible to have more efficient heating for homes. These heating systems also contribute in lowering the energy bills and provides very efficient heating for your home. The following are some of the features of this highly efficient heating system.


What sets the gas furnace apart from the rest are the additional "heat exchangers". These exchangers have the ability to trap the hot exhaust gases and extract all the heat before it is sent outside. It is also installed with a high efficiency condensing furnace which condenses the extracted heat into cool water. The residual cools gases are let out. This ensures less pollution.

Electronic Spark Ignition

This system of ignition saves on fuel and reduces operating cost as the pilot lights need not burn continuously. A pilot light is nothing but a small flame that has to be kept alight, and serves as a source of ignition. Thus the electronic spark system in a high efficiency gas furnace replaces the old pilot light.

Automatic Vent Damper

The vent damper is programmed in such a way that it automatically shuts the flue pipe when the burners are turned off. This results in trapping the warm air inside, in turn reducing the amount of heat loss.

Variable Speed Blowers and Draft Motors

The speed blowers have the knack to deliver hot air at low speed thus creates an equilibrium by making up for the heat that a house looses naturally. In other words, it makes up for the lost heat. This mechanism also uses less electricity which leads to reduced operating costs.

Saves Cost and Improves Comfort

Installing the high efficiency gas furnace is definitely more expensive than its predecessors. But if you compare it with the low operating cost, over time it will prove to be more profitable. The annual fuel utilization efficiency of this type of furnace is approximately 90%. The investment might be a little heavy, but when you look at your bills you will definitely smile. Add-ons like a humidifier or air purifier will add icing to the cake. This high efficiency furnace is best suited for places that face extreme winters. In case you live in a warmer area you need not invest in this, a mid-efficiency furnace will do the trick for you.