Features of an Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Your patio furniture is state of the art, made with outdoor upholstery fabric. The beauty and resiliency of your choice keeps holding up and passing the tests of time. Textile companies have been working with the best in science to develop sturdy materials to beautify your picnic area.

Materials Available

  • Vinyl is a sturdy and resilient choice when upholstering your outdoor furniture. It is extremely water resistant and holds up well in many outdoor uses. With vinyl you should consider keeping the furniture under a cover. The sun can bake the vinyl coverings and then cause the surface to crack. So keep aging problems in mind when looking at vinyl coverings.
  • Nylon is difficult to tear, is forgiving of the sunshine and is completely water resistant. Water runs off the surface of nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fibrous material and is very forgiving of a more robust lifestyle as with a household full of children. There are beautiful colors and designs available in nylon outdoor furniture upholstery fabrics
  • Cotton/poly blends do come in strengths that are used in outside furniture. This fabric is definitely best suited for shaded and protected areas such as a covered deck. This fabric will not withstand the same amount of abuses of other fabrics and is not water resistant. Of course there are products available, such as "Scotch Guard" that are developed to help improve the water resistance of such materials. Cotton tends to fade easily and does not handle the elements.
  • Plastic can be used as an upholstery for outdoor furniture. When using plastic the biggest problem is that the stitching is not going to be very reliable. Plastics are very prone to splitting when the integrity has been compromised by the holes required in sewing the materials together. The resulted weakness at the seams should give you the indication that if you have small children this is not the choice for you.
  • 100% cotton is also available for outdoors upholstery. The same materials that are used for indoor furniture can be used in external furniture refinishing too. When using a pure cotton fabric be sure that you have a covered area to place the furniture. The sun will fade the colors and designs and weaken the fabric fibers making the material very weak. It is a beautiful choice for a deck or covered patio. Using a protective coating over the fabric will help to keep the color pure and resist staining from spills.

Options Available

Regardless of your choice in fabrics for your outdoor furniture you can be sure that if well cared for and removed from the adverse elements like rain or snow, or even direct sunlight, your outdoor upholstery fabric is sure to last for a long time. The very nature of fabrics manufactured for outdoor use is extremely stable and sturdy. It is expected that outdoor fabrics will be exposed to more potential damaging events than indoor furniture and there is a presumption of liability by the fabric manufacturers. They are in the business of staying in business so they will do their best to provide quality materials.