Features to Look for in a Motorcycle Lock Alarm Features to Look for in a Motorcycle Lock Alarm

If you have a motorcycle, you know how hard it is to keep it safe in the streets, and a motorcycle lock alarm is your best bet. If you cannot always have your motorcycle in a parking lot or somewhere secure, you will need to buy a good and reliable motorcycle lock alarm. There are many types of lock alarms with high end features out in the market today, ensuring that your motorcycle will resist all potential threats and theft attacks. Lock alarms combine 2 safety systems in 1 product. Here is a short list of upscale features you can find in motorcycle lock alarms. You should always consider buying the lock that meets your needs the best.


The best lock alarms combine a high quality steel body with high end electronic components. The steel body makes the lock resistant to attacks and also heavy use. There are different types of steel used in the lock body; you can find gas hardened and stainless steel body with rugged build quality. Most people think that all alarm locks are the same, but the truth is far from that. Not all locks boast the same quality, and not all locks can ensure the same safety and security for your motorcycle.

Electronic Features

A good lock alarm comes with auto arming features. They also have a siren that is triggered by motion and shock sensors. You can never start your engine and go without removing the lock, because it will notify you in advance. The sound is loud and piercing, reaching 100+ dB. You will never forget you lock this way.

Locking Pin

In most locks, the locking pins are the weakest part of the lock. The best lock alarms have a double locking pin system, where the pins and body act as one solid piece. It is, therefore, practically impossible for a thief to remove the lock by hammering it or wedging it. The pins are enforced with carbide, ensuring optimum resistance to attacks.


In most cases, it does matter what the manufacturer company is; you will need to make sure that you buy a reliable motorcycle lock alarm, so investing on a known and dependable company is always a good idea. You can shop around or go online and check the features, characteristics and prices given by different companies before deciding the one that meets your needs and requirements the best. The most reliable companies have support centers that can give you additional information and details if needed.


If you are a conscious and well informed consumer, you probably have a budget in your mind, but you need to ensure that the value for money is also good. The most inexpensive lock alarm is probably not the best; you need to invest in the alarm lock you are buying if you wish to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and secure at all times.

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