Features to Look for in a Used Spiral Staircase

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Hunting for the perfect used spiral staircase for your new home can be challenging. Although there are plenty of used staircases out there, very few of them may suit your needs. To help you find the right staircase, here are some features that you need to focus on.

The Materials Used

Some spiral staircases are made of wood, while others are made of steel or granite so before you start hunting for staircases, you should make up your mind first which type of materials you want on your stairs. For instance, wooden staircases go well with country-style homes while metal staircases look good on ultra-modern surroundings.

If you decide to have wooden stairs, you need to choose what type of wood you want. Some of the most popular choices of wooden stairs available in the market today are White Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Beech, and others. If you want to have that antique look, you might want to consider getting a Mahogany or a Maple wooden staircase. Most wooden staircases that are made of hardwood are very durable so even if they have been used for a number of years, most of them remain sturdy and in good condition.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have wrought iron instead of the wooden spiral staircase, you should go for decorative wrought iron styles. Wrought-iron staircases with French country and Mediterranean designs are some of the most popular in the country today. These designs seldom go out of fashion so even if the used staircase is several years old, they can still fit into most modern home designs.

The Balusters

When buying spiral staircases, pay close attention to the design of the balusters. These vertical posts support the upper hand railing of your stairs and they are some of the very noticeable features of your staircase. If you get the wrong balusters, you could end up with a staircase that sticks out like a sore thumb inside your home.

The Newell Post

This post holds your stairs together so you need to make sure that it is sturdy and stable. Before buying used staircases, you should check out the overall condition of the Newell post. For wooden stairs, make sure that the Newell post is free from woodworm infections and other damages while for steel staircases see to it that the post is free from rust. Freshly painted sports around the metal post can be a telltale sign that the post has been exposed to rust.

The Handrail

This horizontal railing does not only make ascending and descending the stairs safer, but it also gives your stairs some character. When shopping for used staircases, pay attention to the ornamental design located at the base of the handrail. The ornamental design of your handrail should fit into the overall design of your home.

Stair Treads and Risers

The stair treads and risers get easily worn out by foot traffic. Before you buy a used staircase, test the stair treads and risers one by one and make sure that they are still in good condition.