Features to Look for in ATV Locks

All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are used all over the county for outdoor fun. Therefore, if you want to be sure about your vehicle's security, you should opt for ATV locks. ATVs are known to withstand hard conditions, and they can take you to off road destinations. When you need to leave them for a while, ATV locks can offer you the peace of mind you need when leaving your vehicle outside. Here is a short list of features and characteristics you need to consider before buying an ATV lock.


If you opt for aluminum and welded steel construction, you will have a simple-to-operate but heavy-duty lock. The welded steel allows the lock to withstand weather conditions and time.


Although looks shouldn't be the priority, the best ATV locks come with a polished aluminum finish or an anti slip surface in semi-gloss black. If you wish to invest in both quality and looks, an aluminum ATV lock is a good idea; after all, you don’t want to buy something that doesn’t suit the quality of your vehicle.

Loading and Unloading

One of the features you need to check before buying a lock is whether locking or unlocking is easy and fast. The least complicated locks are not always the safest, but the most complicated locks are definitely not practical. If you are not familiar with ATV locks, you should probably consider consulting with an expert before buying. Most salespeople should be able to demonstrate you how ATV locks function. If you feel that the options you have are little more complicated than they should be, you should ask for something less complex; after all, if something is more complicated than you can handle, you will obviously have a problem using it properly, so you will face security issues.

Chained or Chainless

One of the features you need to consider is whether the lock has a chain or not. Typically, chainless locks are safer because they require much more time to open or break. Chained locks are more common and more inexpensive at the same time. There has been some controversy on whether they are safe enough, but you should probably consider this option if you find something that suits your needs and your budget at the same time. Just take into consideration that a chained lock can delay a potential thief, but is less safe than a chainless one because it can be broken with the proper tools.

A Ground Anchor

Buying an ATV lock with a ground anchor is a great option because anchors offer additional protection and can secure the ATV to a solid point. Anchors will keep your vehicle in place at all times; if someone wants to remove the vehicle, he will obviously have a hard time doing so with the anchor lock. This way, you will prevent the more inexperienced and amateur thieves and will definitely give a hard time to the most determined ones.