Features to Look for When Buying a Digital Door Lock

A digital door lock is a great way to keep your valuables protected. Security is absolutely crucial, whether it's at home or at the office. Here are some of the best features available in electronic locks.

Low Battery Indicators

One of the most important features a digital door lock can have is a low battery indicator. With this type of device the lock will tell you, either through beeps, lights or a displayed message that the batteries are low. Some can tell you up to 10 days before the batteries will die, so you have plenty of time to change them.

A lot of digital door locks come with a backup battery slot, that usually takes a 9V battery. With this, you’ll know it’s absolutely crucial to change the normal batteries, so as not to wear down your backup. Without either of these features you may be inviting unnecessary lock outs or lock ins, so these are two of the most helpful features offered in digital door locks.

Digital Door Lock Alarms

Another great feature is the built in alarm. Not only could your lock deter a thief in the manner a lock should, it will also alert anybody within earshot that somebody is trying to break into your home or office. This feature is designed as an added level of home security. Before this invention, you’d pretty much have to wait for someone to break in before an alarm was sounded. With an alarm built into your door lock, the thief will be deterred long before he enters your valuable space.

Digital Door Lock PIN Pad

One more must-have feature is the simple PIN pad. This serves as a backup in case the normal means of entry is either out of order, or you forgot your card. With a PIN pad entry, you program a secret sequence of numbers into the lock that must be repeated in the correct order before the door will unlock. Some PIN pads can be programmed with a password longer than just four numbers. A six digit PIN adds millions of more possible key combinations, and makes it that much harder for someone to guess your password.

Additional Options in Electronic Locks

There are also a few very different digital door locks you should consider. RFID is a popular choice that requires you to carry around a key fob or a card that must be within a certain vicinity of the door lock for it to open. The futuristic biometric scanning lock will scan your finger or thumb print. This is a great feature, as you’ll never lose your keys again.

With all the choices in reliable home security, choosing one can be overwhelming. With this guide in mind, you should be better equipped to find the perfect digital door lock for your home.