How to Clean Pet Feces Stains How to Clean Pet Feces Stains

People love their pets, but don't love dealing with the nasty stains of urine these animals leave behind. Removing pet stains from carpeting and floors is a two fold task - you not only need to remove the actual stain, but need to deal with the odor problem associated with it.

Removing feces stains can be accomplished by first scooping up any excess with an old spoon or spatula.  Using a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ammonia to one cup of water, blot the stain to remove residue and rinse with cold water.  Repeat if all of the stain is not removed.  To remove lingering carpet odors from pet feces, sprinkle baking soda on the stain.  Let the baking soda sit overnight, and then vacuum.  Currently on the market are enzyme based products such as Bio-Aid or Nature's Miracle that work equally well.

Caring for and cleaning up after your pet does not need to be a daunting task.  Always remember, though, that a cat or dog has a sense of smell that is 10 times greater than humans.  The pet will return to the same spot if the odor is not eliminated.  Doing the job right in the first place will eliminate a lot of headaches, and make your co-existence with your pets more enjoyable.

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