Federal Requirements for Electronic Eyes on Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers make the opening and closing of a garage door much simpler and safer. They can be operated from in the home, outside in your car, and even as you pull into the driveway. What makes garage door openers safe is the electronic eyes that are positioned on each side of the railing.

Required on Garage Door Openers

The electronic eyes are not a luxury item that some people add for convenience. They are required for safety in the event that something is under the direct path of the garage door. These sensors work through light that is emitted from one and captured by the other. When something is breaking that light beam, the door stops traveling down and immediately goes up.

Required Height

Some DIY homeowners are not sure as the the correct height of these electronics eyes. Safety standards regulate this height at 6 inches from the floor surface. This is so that any small children, or pets, will not be hurt if they are in the way of the door. The sensors should be symmetrical in this height for the light beams to work properly.

Periodic Checks and Adjustments

Every few months the electronic eyes should be checked to make sure they are both in line. You may also need to check when the garage door is not opening or closing properly.