Feng Shui Orange Peel Blessing Ceremony

The Feng Shui Orange Peel Blessing Ceremony descended from ancient Chinese tradition, has successfully been used by many people as a cleansing and blessing ritual called upon to remove negativity. It is said to be a powerful remedy, able to promote new endeavors and projects, while providing for and promoting freshness in homes and offices, as well as to those dwelling within them.

How to Begin

Residents of a home or office should set aside a quiet time for all of them to come together for this ritual. Lights should be lowered and participants should sit quietly, holding hands and insuring that all fingertips are touching. Everyone should softly repeat a calming, short prayer nine times. 

Next, a bowl of water should be set out, along with three very fresh oranges.  Everyone participates in peeling small pieces of the oranges and putting them into the bowl of water. From the three oranges, tear peels into nine parts for a total of 27 pieces. The remains of the oranges can be eaten in celebration at the end of the ceremony.

The Blessing

Beginning at the front door, and using the expelling mudra, the middle and ring fingers, dip them into the water and begin sprinkling droplets of water around the threshold and door frame. As this is done, softly repeat the words, Om Mani Padme Hum, quietly but out-loud. This is a powerful mantra that invites strong benevolence and has been used for many blessings for centuries. Strongly and vividly, imagine that all forces or energy that are negative and harmful are being removed, all bad omens are leaving. Visualize wonderful blessings and positive influences being brought to your home. Beneficent blessings are entering the domain. Repeat this procedure throughout the home or office, being sure to include all rooms, fixtures and furniture, as well as the participation of everyone involved.

Ceremonial Flowers

Place a ceremonial bouquet of freshly cut colorful, vibrant flowers in the central most part of the home or office in a vase with a red ribbon tied around it. Do this even if it is necessary to set up a temporary table so that the flowers and vase rest in the center of the building. Next, be sure to allow all windows and doors to remain either fully opened for the next 24 hours, or if that is not possible, leave them very slightly opened. This openness will allow the negative and harmful, bad luck to vacate the premises while the blessing and enriching good forces are allowed to enter. 

Be sure to keep freshly cut flowers in this center place of the home or office for a total of nine days. This is a very important step. If necessary, be sure to change the bouquet as often as required to maintain fresh flowers during this entire time. Once nine days have passed the last bouquet may stay in place as long as the flowers stay fresh, after that it is permissible to dispose of the bouquet. The oranges can now be enjoyed in celebration.