Fountains and Feng Shui: Balance, Harmony and Energy in Your Garden Fountains and Feng Shui: Balance, Harmony and Energy in Your Garden

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of positioning for harmony and balance of the environment. It is the technique of arranging items in the home and garden and using nature and water to bring more energy into our lives. The use of Feng (wind) and Shui (water) to keep our lives in harmony has been practiced for centuries and it can be used when choosing a site for a garden fountain.

Subconsciously, we respond to the elements around us and our surroundings influence our moods, both positively and negatively. Water in our environment adds extra dimension and particularly affects garden space. Moving air, provided by moving water, has a calming influence on our minds and body. If you're planning to add a fountain to your garden, you need to plan carefully. The fountain needs to fit into the feel of the existing environment and it should be placed facing to the center of your garden to provide positive flow of air and water.

The Feng Shui philosophy states that "fountains of water are an invitation to blend and not struggle, to flow with life and to endure continual change." When we connect with natural elements such as water, plants and stones, we absorb the current's life force and beauty that flow through the natural environment. By using Feng Shui in our garden, we nourish our spirit.

Water is the essence of life, and the flow of water in a fountain creates exquisite beauty and calms and de-stresses the human spirit. Fountains can create balance in the garden or in an area where the architecture is out of balance. The plants you choose to surround your garden fountain represent life and growth. The trickle of fountain water provides natural sound and draws people to the area. The splash of water provides a humid atmosphere that is perfect for growing tropical plants and ferns that represent the essence of life and growth.

There are many positive aspects of fountains and the use of Feng Shui. Place a fountain in an area where your children can sit to work on homework or study. This promotes knowledge and learning. Add a wind chime fountain to provide a musical tinkling to the murmur of the fountain's natural, soothing sound of water. An underwater light or mirror will add the element of brightness, which symbolizes happiness and life.

Color is also an important part of your garden fountain. Blue can be beneficial if you choose a light shade that includes a touch of green. A green fountain promotes growth and tranquility. All shades of brown, orange and yellow aid us in connecting to the earth and nature.

There are a wide variety of fountains that are beneficial to the human spirit. Use a variety of mist fountains, fog fountains, fountains with singing bowls and labyrinth fountains to provide sound healing for the spirit and soul. These promote life force and energy that is beneficial to your health.

Fog fountains create a mystical atmosphere in the garden with moving fog and the sound of water. Add a dancing element with colored lights or lasers, which will produce an interesting and soothing effect. Feng Shui creates a perfect garden environment through the natural elements of water and wind and brings peace, harmony and tranquility to your garden, which promotes natural healing of the soul and spirit.

When choosing a fountain for your garden, keep in mind the elements of Feng Shui. Copper fountains are lovely and metal supports water in the Creative Cycle. Ceramics, cement and stone block water energy. If you choose a fountain that is constructed of one of these elements, place metal objects in and around it to promote water chi. A few coins laid inside the fountain helps to bring water chi to the forefront, or, if you wish, place metal sculpture art around the fountain or set it on a metal container or table.

A well placed fountain promotes feelings of well being, calms the spirit and brings peace, harmony and tranquility into your yard and garden. Once you've chosen your fountain and have it in place, take time to enjoy the positive energy that will flow into your life.

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