Flowers, Plants and Feng Shui Flowers, Plants and Feng Shui

People in the ancient Orient used a method of attracting positive forces and staving off negative ones. Today, people world wide are practicing the ancient methods of Feng Shui to improve the flow of positive forces in their lives.

Living plants and flowers can alter or harness chi (positive energy.) Let's take a look at how you can use plants and flowers using the ancient method of Feng Shui to bring happiness, harmony, good luck and money into your home.


  • If you want your bedroom to be more romantic, place pink or red flowers in a white vase and place them on your night table or a table close to your bed.
  • When visiting friends, or taking flowers to a date or to someone you'd like to know better, bring along a bouquet of Jasmine. It is known as the plant of friendship.
  • Chrysanthemums are known as "Heaven full of Stars" by the Chinese. These beautiful flowers will bring happiness, harmony and laughter into your home.
  • Peonies are a symbol of affection and loyalty. They will strengthen male energy. In Feng Shui, peonies represent retirement and relaxation.
  • Lilies are a symbol of abundance and are considered to be one of the eight treasures. These flowers attract large amounts of positive chi into your home.
  • Place Narcissus in your home at the New Year to bring luck and prosperity to all who live there for the next twelve months. However, the Narcissus must be blooming when the New Year begins.

Plants and Chi

Spiky Plants. Though plants with spikes are associated with negative energy, they will revive areas where energy is low. This helps to keep chi moving naturally.

Green Foliage Plants. Green is the color of peace, harmony and growth. Plants with lush green foliage will bring these forces into our home. Plants with spiky leaves should be placed in low energy areas. Plants with rounded leaves bring fortune and encourage good chi. Money trees and jade will enhance finances.

Tip: Place one large plant with lots of green foliage in each room of your home to attract good chi.

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