Fertilizers - The Importance Of Nitrogen

Many popular fertilizers incorporate nitrogen in their composition or are made specifically as a "nitrogen fertilizer." This is because nitrogen is critical to the growth and health of a plant. The element nitrogen occurs naturally, but it can be depleted from the soil by environmental conditions as well as over-planting. Replace this depleted element with a good nitrogen fertilizer to allow plants to continue to thrive and produce.

What Plants Need Nitrogen?

Nitrogen fertilizer is used for crops that grow best in acidic soils, like corn, barley and sunflower. As these plants pull a great deal of nitrogen from the soil, add a nitrogen fertilizer to prevent soil depletion. Farmers often add nitrogen fertilizer in the off-season to increase crop yield during the next planting.

Nitrogen fertilizer is also used in plant food for houseplants, like for African violets. In soluble form, it is can also help roses create large and plentiful blossoms and fruit.

While over-use of any element in fertilizing is unhealthy for plants and soil, nitrogen fertilizer has a vital role to play in plant health and productivity.