Festive Home Window Banner Ideas

Homemade banners for your home window are incredibly cheap and easy to make, but lend your home a unique and cheerful festive air. Read below for three great banner ideas:

Happy Birthday Window Banner

A cheerful and festive idea for a birthday is to take heavy stock paper or canvas paper and cut it into 18 triangles. Draw one letter of the phrase “happy birthday” on each triangle, trace the letter with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Next, glue or sew old photos, fabric scraps and other collage elements onto the triangles to personalize them for the birthday boy or girl, and string them together on a ribbon. Hang the banner over your window and celebrate!

Christmas Window Banner

A unique and festive Christmas banner idea is to make a traditional Mexican “papel picado” banner. Take colorful tissue paper, gift wrapping paper or construction paper and pleat each sheet like an accordion. When folded, cut out decorative shapes. Open the sheets of paper and punch holes into the top. String the papers together on a string or ribbon and hang from your window.

Happy New Year Window Banner

Although these are traditionally used for the Chinese New Year, they can be a beautiful decoration for any holiday or special event celebrated in your home. Cut out several large circles from colored paper, fold the circles in half three times each, and cut small snips into the wedges. Unfold the circles and glue their edges together so that they are linked in a long chain. When dry, gently unfold your banner and adorn your home window with it.