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Fiber Cement Siding

Kim Kinrade

When a prospective buyer first lays his or her eyes on a home in most cases it is the siding that pops into their vision first. A beautiful color and fresh appearance are the frame work for other considerations like windows and landscape and lend greatly as whether the home will be sold or sit around. Siding is a great way to instantly enhance this curb appeal. It is light and inexpensive and many types will go right over painted walls and stucco. This siding gives all the benefits of stucco yet can fool all but the untrained eye into believing that it is traditional wood clapboard siding.

Fiber cement siding has even more qualities than its competitors, wood and vinyl. By its very composition of sand cement and cellulose fibers fiber cement siding:

  1. Weathers better than wood

  2. Installs and cuts like real wood

  3. Resists rotting

  4. Resists insects such as termites.

  5. Fireproof

  6. Cannot be easily storm damaged.

  7. Easy to install

  8. Easily maintained

The attributes of fiber cement siding over the others has another set of advantages. Due to the public awareness of greenhouse gases and overloading landfills fiber cement siding fits the Green standard in every department.

  1. It contains no petroleum byproducts: Therefore there are no harmful emissions given off during its manufacture.

  2. Wastage is all natural: Due to its composition any waste pieces left during its installation can be used in reinforcing concrete for the sidewalks of a new home or dumped. Since there is no off-gassing during its decomposition, many years in the ground will only see a breakdown into its inert parts.

  3. Insulation: Because of its very composite nature and sealing qualities fiber cement siding adds to the efficiency of the home leading to a decrease in heating requirements. other green features of the home, states the website.

How is it Made?

The composite materials of sand, cement and cellulose fiber are mixed in large drums and then rolled into sheets. Then it is pressed against molds which give it the natural textures like woodgrain, stucco and many other patterns. Now the siding is cured in a baking oven for increased tensile strength. Each piece of siding is either primed with a quality paint or, in some cases, primed and painted. This is for installation where a finished product is requested.


The manufacturers of these products provide detailed installation instructions in order to make the work easier and to make certain that the siding is properly installed due to warranty concerns. There is a safety concern with installing fiber-cement siding because it contains sand (or silica) which can be dangerous to your help if inhaled in any great quantity. It is for this reason that manufacturers recommend that the siding be cut in an outdoor location.

This is where a cement siding contractor would be a good choice. These contractors have the right equipment and protective clothing to do the job right. As well, using pneumatic hand shears, specialized saws with dust catching attachments there is no worry when it comes to dust floating around the neighborhood and into the home.

Fiber cement siding is usually faced-nailed like traditional wood siding using either common or roofing nails. Here is a list of tools for the job:

  • Hammer ( or nail gun)

  • Straight edge or chalk line (Making a “jig” for spacing the clapboard will also give good results)

  • Circular saw with a diamond blade

  • Dusk mask and goggles

Searching for the right siding contractor can be an overwhelming experience. It might take days and weeks of pouring through traditional lists and making phone calls and then all you might have is a pile of information that's even harder to process.

To take the guesswork out of choosing your professional siding contractor and to make sure that your job is done well visit . From this site you can submit your project to qualified siding contractors for a professional job with stunning results.

At you can get up to four (4) free estimates from siding contractors and you get to choose the estimate you want. Their contractors are extremely knowledgeable on siding and will set up an appointment to suit your busy schedule. Then, based on their detailed assessments, you get to choose the one you want to do the job. Choosing your siding contractor should be an enjoyable experience and can be you guide to a more beautiful home.

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