Fiber Cement vs. Premium Vinyl Siding Fiber Cement vs. Premium Vinyl Siding

Premium vinyl siding is a great solution for home improvement. It allows you to redefine the appearance of your home without having to paint. For many homeowners, it's a better choice than fiber cement. Fiber cement siding is composed of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. Premium vinyl is made from PVC plastic resin. It is reinforced during the manufacturing process to produce a more resilient siding than ordinary vinyl siding. Below are some factors to consider when it comes to selection.

Pros of Fiber Cement

The traditional wood-grain appearance of fiber cement appeals to many homeowners. However, the limitations associated with wood are absent from fiber cement siding. Fiber siding is extremely versatile. It can be produced to resemble wood or vinyl depending on one’s choice. Yet it is much more resilient and durable than either wood or vinyl. The autoclave process involved in manufacture promotes durability of fiber cement siding. The manufacture process combined with materials used gives fiber cement siding a much higher resistance to humidity and temperature unlike premium vinyl siding. A virtually unlimited selection in design, texture, color and profile is available for fiber cement siding. Maintenance requirements are lower for fiber siding than premium vinyl. Power washing will easily get rid of dirt or insect nests. Caulked joints that separate can be repaired using appropriate materials from a hardware store. Repainting only needs to be done every 10 to 15 years if the siding is well maintained. Fiber cement is also fire resistant and promotes the safety of your home. It is a great feature that adds to your home value.


Installation of fiber cement is a fairly technical process. A high level of expertise is involved, and it is also time consuming. You’re better off if a professional undertakes the job. Fiber cement siding also costs much more than premium vinyl to install.

Pros of Premium Vinyl Siding

It costs less than fiber cement and is an affordable option for siding purposes. Installation of premium vinyl siding is not as complicated as fiber cement. Much less time and expertise is required for installation as compared to fiber cement. Vinyl siding doesn’t require painting to help maintain it. This gives you some savings on maintenance.


Premium vinyl is not as versatile as fiber cement siding. Selection is limited due to a smaller variety in design, color and style. It does not hold paint well unlike fiber cement which can be painted whatever color one chooses. Vinyl siding is not as durable as fiber cement siding. It has low resistance to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. These weather changes cause progressive stress on the siding. Over time, it is subject to breaks, bows or cracks. Sometimes, the stress can even cause the siding to fall off. The stress creates gaps in the siding which invites dirt, insects and moisture. These create more problems and hasten the wear and tear of the vinyl. Although premium vinyl has been treated to make it less susceptible to combustion, it still remains a highly flammable material.

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