Fiber Reinforced Concrete Constructions: 5 Tips

Fiber reinforced concrete construction is popular because this type of concrete is much more versatile than the standard concrete you find in stores. The concrete is reinforced by a myriad of things including plastic, glass and steel. The fibers are mixed with the concrete to help it to adhere to a substrate. Depending on the fibers introduced to the concrete it may weaken the finished concrete instead of making it stronger. The article found below will share with you mistakes you can avoid and tips for using the reinforced concrete.

1 - Always Protect Yourself

Working with any type of concrete is dangerous as concrete is not only abrasive but also corrosive. The fine particles that make up concrete will easily infiltrate your body. This is incredibly important when dealing with reinforced concrete as it can be sprayed on surfaces meaning the material will be in the air. Wear your face mask and goggles along with clothing that covers your entire body.

2 - Beware Spinning

Reinforced concrete construction may have you using certain tools with the concrete. These tools can easily snag your clothing and bring you close to the tool. When mixing the concrete try to avoid using drills with mixing bits.

3 - Retaining Walls and Posts

When engaging in reinforced concrete construction keep in mind the purpose of this kind of concrete. The fibers in the concrete enhance the strength of the concrete. This makes it perfect to use as concrete posts or as a wall. The ability to blow the concrete makes it great for covering walls that have been previously built but need to be strengthened.

4 - Looking for Strength and Durability

Reinforced concrete construction typically requires that you use concrete that is strong. It has to be resistant to weather, force and cracking. Concrete that does not possess these qualities are not to be used for construction processes that require a huge load to be supported. Reinforced concrete construction that requires this strength should only have steel fibers within it. The steel inside the concrete greatly improves the structural durability of the concrete. Using this type of concrete also means that you need to use less steel reinforcement like metal substrate or rebar. The freeze and thaw dynamic is also improved, as is abrasion and impact resistance. When the concrete does crack the steel prevents very large gaps from forming.

5 - Use the Right Concrete

One of the best things about using fiber reinforced concrete is that it is very versatile. The chief problem with this type of concrete is choosing the right kind to use for your project. Steel fibers in concrete will increase the longevity, impact resistance and strength of concrete but it is not suited for everything. Concrete reinforced with polyurethane is often used by those creating concrete molds as well as concrete artisans. The third type of reinforced concrete is reinforced with recycled glass fibers. This type is not used in reinforced concrete construction but as other things that are useful to daily use. The usual product made from this is countertops.