Fiberglass Boat Repair Tips

Once you have purchased your fiberglass boat, and used it for a while, there will come a time when you will need to preform a fiberglass boat repair of some sort. Luckily, fiberglass is a fairly easy surface to repair when needed.

Regardless of what the repair is, it is important that the damaged area be cleaned as well as possible. This is accomplished most efficiently through the use of a soft cloth. Beware to never use bleach to clean your fiberglass boat. If bleach is applied to fiberglass, it will permanently damage the vessel. You do not want to have to deal with a bigger repair than when you started. Therefore, simply wipe down the vessel with a soft cloth to ensure no extra damage occurs.

After any repair you make to fiberglass, you will also always sand the finished product. Without sanding properly, the repair will be very obvious to the naked eye. Keep sand paper around the boat for a quick fix to many problems. It is important that fiberglass appear smooth, not rough and ragged. Therefore, be sure to always use the right texture of sand paper. The correct piece varies for different kinds of repairs that are needed.