Fiberglass Boat Restoration Tips

a red boat on the water

If you own a fiberglass boat, you need to know a little about fiberglass boat restoration. Keeping your boat in excellent condition will help it last you many years. On the odd occasion when you might need to repair it for any reason, a few tips will put you in good hands.

Preparation is Everything

Always do thorough preparations when you are repairing your fiberglass boat. How well you prepare to repair will be the difference between it lasting a lifetime or just a few months. Boats, especially, need proper repair if they are to spend a length of time in deep water. When you grind the gel coat, always go a little further from the repair area by about twelve inches to give yourself a better surface to work with.

Using Resin to Repair

If you use resin to repair parts of your boat, you should only catalyze the amount you will need as you work. It will set very quickly and become hard to work with if you make too much. This is mainly applicable if you are working in sunny and hot conditions because it will speed up the hardening process, and you will waste good materials. For multiple layers to build up a finish, catalyze enough for each layer and let that dry before catalyzing more.