Fiberglass French Doors: Worth the Extra Cash?

Fiberglass French doors are worth the price. They have the look of a wood door without the constant upkeep.

Benefits of Fiberglass French Doors

Fiberglass French doors are strong and durable. You don’t have to worry about the doors rusting, rotting, splitting and denting like wood and steel doors. They meet energy star requirements and have the best energy efficiency rating out of all door materials. The high energy status is due to the use of polyurethane in the core of the door.

Stunning Fiberglass French Doors

The surface of fiberglass French doors can mimic the appearance of various woods such as oak, mahogany and alder. Fiberglass French doors are available with many different glass designs and came options.


Manufacturers offer warranties for fiberglass doors. Warranties range from 25 years up to the lifetime of the door.