Fiberglass Garage Door vs Steel Garage Door

A garage door.

When deciding on a new or replacement garage door, buyers are usually faced with a multitude of decisions including whether to choose a fiberglass garage door or steel garage door. Choosing a garage door can be a major decision because of prices and homeowners will want a long-lasting door that will see them through many harsh summers and winters.


Most fiberglass doors are actually fiberglass panels coupled with aluminum frames. This is not always the case but it is certainly the most common. Fiberglass garage doors are a lot more fragile than many other materials used in garage doors. Fiberglass has a propensity to deteriorate during long spells of extremely cold weather. They are also very light, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Lightweight doors carry certain risks of becoming flimsy and weak in strong winds.


Steel is a very highly durable material and is very low maintenance. If a buyer chooses a steel garage door, they will be getting a door that will likely last 20 to 30 years if maintained correctly. Some garage doors are double-shelled with a layer of insulation between the two skins. This can keep the garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.