Fiberglass Pool Repair Tips Fiberglass Pool Repair Tips

Fiberglass pool repair is something that is usually done when the summer is at its peak. After several years of using a fiberglass pool, it can begin to wear out and have some cracks, chips, or small leaks. Repairing it can cost several thousand dollars when calling a professional. You can save a lot of money by doing the fiberglass pool repair yourself.

Use Quality Repair Kit

There are plenty of different fiberglass pool repair kits on the market today. They will include all of the things that you need to use in order to make a successful repair. Shop around for a repair kit that will both repair the pool and is backed by a warranty.

Make Sure Surface Is Clean

Many people get in a hurry and do not really take the time to thoroughly clean the area where the repair is needed. Use a mixture of water and dish detergent to clean the area. Once it is clean, make sure to use a dry cloth and wipe away the water. 

Sand Fiberglass for Seamless Patch

One of the ways to give a more professional finish to a fiberglass pool repair is to do a little sanding of the patch. This will "feather" the resin, and the patch, into the surrounding fiberglass. 

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