Fill a Glass Chip in Your Furniture Glass

There is no doubt that furniture glass can make any home look regal and fabulous. However, the delicate nature of these items may have you scratching your head in dismay. Glass furniture is very prone to chipping and breakage. It can lose its beauty and grace easily.

Repairs of Glass Break Marks

Glass break marks can be repaired by professionals. Chips, on the other hands, can easily be managed and solved. Filling it in would be a breeze.

Specific Guidelines

To start your endeavor in repairing your chipped glass furniture, you should first wash or wipe it dry. Make sure that dusts and other similar particles are removed on the area of the project. Wearing of eye protection or goggles is highly advisable. Get a sandpaper with a grit of 320. Cut it out so you can wrap it at the eraser part of a pencil. Hold your glass furniture and gently rub the sandpaper cum pencil erase at chipped part. After that, change your sand paper into a 600-grit one. Rub it thoroughly but gently on the area. Get a cotton cloth to wipe away any glass debris on the area. Get a brush or cloth and dab it to a silver polish. Get brush the polish to the chipped area and let it dry. Check if you also need to brush polish around the edges of your glass furniture to create an illusion.