Finding a Building Permits Expediter

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Do you have a set of building permits that you are looking to submit and have expedited through the process? Are you trying to do some research and find the right expediter for you? If you are, then read through the following steps. They will help to formulate your research and guide you in who you should talk to to find a building permit expediter.

Check Online

Take a look online and access the yellow pages or a search tool. You will find a very large list display of expediters in your area and beyond. As you begin to review the online expediter list, you will need to look to make sure they service your locality. Some expediters service many large national locations and other expediters only service small communities. Make sure you have the right fit for your needs. Last, make sure the expediter is familiar with the permits you are looking to expedite. There are different types of permits that can be obtained and some are specialized. It makes no sense to hire someone that does not have experience in the domain you are working within.

Call Your Local Municipality

Who better to talk to, than someone at your local township or municipal building. You can find their number online or in the yellow pages. Talk to the building code enforcement officer or talk to someone in the projects desk of the municipality and ask them if they have any recommendations on who can help you expedite your permits. These people talk to people applying for permits all day long and they are bound to run into those that expedite permits.

Ask a Local Contractor

Another great source of information is your local contractor. Stop by to visit a local contractor or builder in the area. They invariably use an expediter to move their permits through the system a little faster. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Most contractors and builders are more than happy to help a resident out. It builds goodwill for them and their brand. They know that you will be more apt to use their services or refer them to a friend if they have helped you.

Call Your Local Realtor

Depending on the real estate agent's experience, you may want to call the local realtor in the area that spends a great deal of time in land development and new construction. These types of real estate agents are well versed with the local government rules and regulations and would be more than delighted to help you find a permit expediter that can help you out. Very much like the local contractor, the realtor will be eager to help you because this will help them build their reputation and hopefully bring you back if you ever wish to buy or sell a home.