Finding a Replacement Bathroom Ceiling Fan Finding a Replacement Bathroom Ceiling Fan

A bathroom ceiling fan is helpful in clearing moisture out of your bathroom. By using a bathroom exhaust fan, you decrease the likelihood of mildew and mold growth in your bathroom. Without a fan, moisture that builds up in the room during showers or baths can promote the growth of mold spores.

Replace the Fan System or the Fan Motor?

If your bathroom ceiling fan has stopped functioning, it is first necessary to determine the cause of the malfunction. In many cases, the fan system itself will remain functional while the fan motor dies. Replacement fan motors are available at your local hardware store, and require only a couple of hours of labor to install. Replacing your bathroom ceiling fan motor is a relatively easy procedure that can be done without the help of a contractor or home improvement specialist.

How to Identify Your Fan or Motor

In order to replace a motor, or to replace a fan system entirely, you must first determine the model number and type. Before beginning to examine the fan or disassemble it, it is crucial that you turn off electrical power to the fan at the circuit breaker. Always turn off electricity to an appliance before repairing or inspecting it.

Remove the front grill of the fan and examine the inner casing. The box that contains the fan will also display the model number and type. With this information, you can locate and identify a replacement motor or fan system with the help of your hardware store.

Having removed the front grill, remove the fan motor and mount plate from the casing box. This will allow you to identify whether your fan is attached to an electrical outlet within or behind the casing box.

Finding Replacement Parts

Locating replacement parts for you bathroom ceiling fan may be difficult. In most cases, replacement parts must be special ordered. Some hardware stores and home improvement centers will order parts for you, some will not. Begin by calling major chain hardware stores in your area and providing them with the fan model number and the type of replacement part necessary.

If you are unable to locate replacement parts via phone, take your fan motor into a hardware store with you. Oftentimes, home improvement centers have an easier time identifying your fan model if you have an example to show.

It may not be necessary to replace your entire fan system at all. Replacing a bathroom ceiling fan system is time consuming and can be expensive. It is also an invasive process, and inexperienced workers may cause damage to their walls or electrical wiring. Rather, make every attempt to repair your fan or replace certain parts of the existing system before resorting to a full system replacement.

By knowing which model and parts to search for, you will save yourself time and money while repairing or replacing your bathroom ceiling fan system. Consult with a home improvement center or hardware store for further information.




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