Finding a Sailboat Trailer

Finding the right sailboat trailer requires you take a few important factors into consideration. These are: what is the sailboat size, whether it has a fixed keel or a removable one, and whether it has a removable centerboard. The answer to these three questions will determine the right trailer for your sailboat.

Sailboat Size

The size of your sailboat will in part determine what kind of trailer you need to haul it. Trailers are manufactured for sailboats of all sizes. Thus, the bigger the sailboat, the bigger the trailer must be.

Keel and/or Centerboard

The other main factor in choosing the right trailer involves what the sailboat uses for ballast. Sailboats with a fixed keel require a tall framed trailer that provides enough room below the hull for the keel. The boat sits higher up to accommodate the keel. Sailboats with a removable keel or centerboard, however, can be accommodated by trailers that more closely resemble those for powerboats. In that case, the trailer must conform to the hull of the boat, but since the keel or centerboard is removable, there is no need for the boat to sit high atop the trailer.

The right trailer for your sailboat is not simply a matter or preference. You must find a trailer that conforms to the shape and dimensions of your boat and accommodates the type of ballast weight it uses, whether it is a keel or centerboard.