Finding And Hanging Sturdy Drapery Rods

What You'll Need
Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Wall Anchors
Curtain Rod and Hardware

Drapery rods are used to hang curtains from windows and can be found at hardware stores and discount home decoration stores.

Choosing a Drapery Rod

A curtain or drapery rod should be wide enough to span the window where you are installing it. In order to know the correct size, measure the width of the window in question.

Drapery rods also vary according to the type of drapes or curtains you are hanging on them. If you are hanging traverse drapes, then you will need a stronger and sturdier rod than if you are hanging simple lightweight cotton panel curtains. Rods can be attached directly to the wall or they can be suspended from brackets that are attached to the wall.

Installing the Rod

Step 1

Measure the width of the window. Also measure the length of the curtain or drape you are going to hang. If you are planning on hanging curtains that create an illusion of tall walls, you will need to plan on hanging the drapery rod higher than the upper edge of the window. You can also create an illusion of a larger window by hanging curtains and a curtain rod that are wider than the actual window opening.

Step 2

Determine where you are going to hang the drapery rod. Mark a line on the wall at the height where you plan on positioning the rod. Also mark the width of the rod on the wall adjacent to the height mark.

Step 3

Take a wall bracket and place it against the wall where you will be attaching it. Mark the top and bottom of the bracket on the wall. Also note where you will need to place the screws for the bracket. You can do this by using the point of the pencil in the screw openings to create a dot mark on the wall.

Step 4

Use the drill to drill holes in the wall for the wall anchor screws.

Step 5

Insert a wall anchor into place then attach the bracket into place with the screws. Pull slightly against the bracket to make sure that it is firmly attached and not loose.

Step 6

Attach the bracket for the opposite side of the rod.

Step 7

If you are hanging a very long rod, find the center of the window and place a bracket in this location. If the rod is especially long, you will need to attach additional brackets equally spaced between the end brackets and the center bracket.

Step 8

Set the rod on the brackets. Use a level to check the alignment of the rod.

Step 9
Use a small amount of wall putty to repair any damage to the wall that occurs from misplacing brackets or screws. Paint over the putty to match the wall and let the paint dry.

Step 10

Remove the rod and hang the curtains or drapes on the rod. Place the rod back on the brackets.