Finding Custom Water Slide Parts for Your Pool Finding Custom Water Slide Parts for Your Pool

Before you look for custom water slide parts for your pool, dig out the manufacturer’s documents (if you still have them) and check whether the guarantee covers the part that has become defective. If it does, your hunt for custom pool slide parts is over, because the manufacturer himself has been at fault and should organize and cover it.

If there is no remaining guarantee and the part is indeed yours to fix, the first step is to familiarize yourself with the specifications of your slide. When you have the specifications, you have the information required to order the spare part.

You might even be looking for extra things to customize your water slide. Safety rails can make the slide easier for small children to use, and sprinkler attachments give an authentic waterpark feel to your pool. You can even buy stickers and transfers to decorate and personalize your slide.

As always, the Internet is the best way to compare prices from different supplies. Don’t forget to factor in delivery times and delivery costs before making a decision. One merchant might sell custom water slide parts cheaply, but charge a fortune for delivery, postage or  packaging costs.

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