Finding Design Inspiration All Around You Finding Design Inspiration All Around You

When painting your home or making crafts, you need design inspiration. Trying to get design inspiration isn't always easy because the more you look around the more it seems everything has already been done. Design inspiration can be found all around you if you know where to look and how to harness it. The article that follows will provide you with several ways you can find design inspiration in everything around you.

Take a Picture

Use your camera and take a casual stroll around your neighborhood. Take pictures of everything you come in contact with that you may never have taken a picture of before. Zoom your camera in on brick or concrete and snap a few pictures. Take a shot of an open sewer grate or water run-off location. If a butterfly lands on a flower, snap a picture. Even taking a picture of water on glass can elicit inspiration. After you develop or upload the pictures, take a look at them. Stare at the designs, the color schemes and the size of the things you took. Use those differences to create design inspiration for whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Use the Internet

Design inspiration is sometimes hard to come by, but searching the Internet can help you in that department. Take your time to search for what your project is such as living room color schemes or backyard fountains. You will come up with a lot of pictures and ideas that others have done previously. You can use these to generation your own design inspiration which you can then modify to fit your needs and to also improve upon their designs to create something completely new.


Sometimes the best way to get design inspiration is to talk it over with friends or relatives. You will always have an idea of what it is you want to do but trying to elaborate upon it will sometimes prove difficult. Use your friends to talk over what your plans are and what you want to do. After a good brainstorming session you may find yourself with another problem: too many to choose from.

Stay and Observe

Many feel that you need to move around and get out and about in order to get some form of design inspiration. Sometimes, you are better off staying in one spot and just observing your environment. Sit back and relax and watch your children play with their toys or use their imagination. Actually watch them and not casually observe as you would if you were reading or watching television. Watch your spouse move around the house doing chores or your pet chase a fly. All of these things can lead to a design breakthrough.


There are dozens of magazines on the market and you can use these to come up with design inspiration for your project. Use them as a model and expand them.

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