Finding the Best Deal on an Island Hood Finding the Best Deal on an Island Hood

When adorning your new kitchen with equipment, you must keep in mind that an important device to have around is the island hood. When you think of important kitchen equipment, you immediately think of pots and pans or refrigerators or a nice oven perhaps. These things are merely accessories, if not secondary in importance when compared to an island hood. This device provides proper ventilation when you cook.

Variety of Styles for Island Hoods

When deciding to install an island hood, you must first examine your kitchen design. You may notice an island that will need a covering or a hood to provide proper ventilation. Take note that the island hood will become a focal point in your kitchen. When looking for an island range hood for your kitchen, you will be confronted with the decision to pick from a wide variety that is available in your local home improvement or hardware store. Island hoods come in different shapes and sizes. You can also choose to purchase the stainless steel types which makes for a more durable and long-lasting unit. You can, however, also choose more traditional styles of island hoods. The island hood is equipped with a blower insert which does all the work in provide ventilation. You can build this blower insert in a variety of ways, and you can suit it to how you would like it to look.  

Two Main Types

The two main types of island hoods are the venting hood and the re-circulating hood. The venting hood type provides the ventilation you need all the way to the outside of your kitchen or home by use of an exterior vent. The re-circulating type of hood filters the air that is already in your kitchen and brings it back or re-circulates it. Therefore, if you are using a venting hood, you will be assured that the air inside your kitchen is fresh and new every time since the old air is blown outside through the vent. The re-circulating type reuses the air that already exists inside the kitchen. When choosing your island hood, make sure that you purchase one that is of high-efficiency with the appropriate size in cubic feet per minute (CFM) to suit the size of your kitchen. Usually, the size will be from around 250 to 650 CFM. Keep in mind as well all the other equipment you have such as refrigerators or stoves when determining the space for your island hood.

Check for Local Codes and Certification

Keep in mind that your subdivision or local government may have certain codes that apply to household equipment that are installed in your home. There may be particular requirements that you will need to follow. Be sure to consult a reliable source regarding these. Island hoods should be certified. Make sure that when you purchase your island hood unit, that it is a certified product of the Home Ventilation Institute.

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