Finding the Best Deals on High Performance Auto Transmission Service Finding the Best Deals on High Performance Auto Transmission Service

Like with any vehicle maintenance, auto transmission service can be a costly and bothersome expense. But with a few pointers, getting the best price on this important service can be a snap.

Know Where You Are Going

When shopping around for auto transmission service, make sure that the mechanic you select specializes in high-performance or exotic vehicles. Never assume that all mechanics and service centers are equipped or trained to handle high performance auto transmission service. Yes, it might appear to be cheaper to use an unqualified technician but if the work is done incorrectly it will cost more in the end.

Make a List of Choices

There are many different ways to find places to add to your list. One is to simply look in the yellow pages of your local phone book. Another is to call or visit a few used car dealerships. Many of them use local places for repairs and will have a list of quality mechanics for transmission service. Another good source is car clubs.

Compare Prices and Look for Deals

After you list is compiled, call and get quotes and compare the prices. Also ask about coupons or special promotions. You might also want to search for these things in your local newspaper.

Stop the Problem Before it Starts

Conducting routine maintenance on your transmission, including checking transmission fluid levels and periodically changing the transmission fluid filter, will help prevent the need for repairs down the road.

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