Finding The Best Manual Log Splitter

Split firewood is a basic need for some people and an occasional treat for others. If a manual log splitter is needed, the different manual log splitters available are:

Splitting Maul

A 9 pound splitting maul, a good 360 degree swing and a strong body can split any species of 16 inch firewood logs. Accuracy and a well developed swing are the keys to success with this tool.  In the long run, this is your and most reliable and portable choice.

Slide Hammer

The slide hammer is also reliable, but it cannot deliver the blow a splitting maul can. Hardwood species and knotted wood can be problematic. They are safe to use and easy to store when not in use.


Ratcheting wood splitters offer 8 tons of mechanical advantage to your wood splitting. They can split any species and generally will handle logs longer than 16 inches. The ratchet mechanism is subject to wear and tear over time.

Foot Hydraulic

The 1.5 ton capacity is good for small logs that split easily. Both hands are free to steady the log during operation.

Hand Hydraulic

This is the most powerful choice, delivering 6 to 10 tons of force. However, they are not very portable.

Manual log splitters are quiet and green solutions for your wood splitting needs.