Finding the Right Paint Roller Finding the Right Paint Roller

A paint roller is a simple tool consisting of a handle, a cage or open work cylinder and a roller sleeve that fits over the cage.

Main Points to Look For:

  • The handle should be good quality steel with a plastic or wooden grip designed to take an extension.
  • The cage or cylinder should be long enough for the job you want to do but not too long.
  • The roller sleeve should be held securely in place but easy to remove.
  • Natural fiber roller sleeves are good for oil based paints and artificial fibers can be used with any paint.
  • Choose a roller sleeve with short and densely packed fibers for the smoothest finish.
  • If you want to create a textured finish you can cut a pattern into a foam roller sleeve.

Paint rollers make covering a large flat surface easy and you can prevent splatters by using a slow and steady rolling action. Some of the newer paint rollers are designed with a reservoir instead of an open cylinder. The reservoir holds the paint instead of the paint tray but reservoir rollers do not work well with oil based paints.

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