Finding the Right Toilet Tank Replacement

Toilet tank replacement is never going to be a fun job. The realization that not everything is as it should be with your porcelain throne is already frustrating enough, and then coming to the understanding that you are going to have to replace the entire tank makes it even worse.

Unfortunately, major problems like cracks often can’t be repaired, so you’re better off just replacing the whole thing. Locating the correct type of toilet tank to replace the broken one is a chore in and of itself, and depending on how old your toilet is, can be half the battle in the repair process. For some tips on how to be sure to find the right toilet tank replacement, just read the steps outlined below.

Toilet Tank Replacement Tip 1: Look for a Serial Number

Try to make the task as easy for yourself as possible. Start off by examining the toilet tank for brand names and serial numbers. If you’re lucky enough to find the serial number, you can simply contact the manufacturer to see if you can order the exact same model.

Even if you can’t find the serial number, with the brand name and the dimensions of the tank, you will still have an easier time tracking down the exact same model of tank, making the entire replacement job infinitely easier. Unfortunately, as you will know if you’ve been inspecting your toilet tank during the course of repairs, this information often isn’t provided. In that case, it’s on to tip number two.

Toilet Tank Replacement Tip 2: Take Some Measurements

Get out your measuring tape and take exact measurements of your toilet tank. Measure and write down its length, width and depth, as well as the thickness of the walls. Measure the size and dimensions of any pipes, like the overflow pipe, to make sure that the fittings of the new tank will precisely match the fittings of the rest of the toilet. Don’t forget to measure the size of the toilet tank lid, as well. Take these measurements with you when you go shopping at the hardware store.

Toilet Tank Replacement Tip 3: Get the Help of an Expert

You may be in that unlucky minority that has a very old fashioned model of toilet, or that has some kind of custom outfitted toilet. In either of these cases, you may find it very difficult to find the toilet tank that matches the precise measurements of your old tank in an outlet like your neighborhood hardware store or home decorating store. Fortunately, there are a few other options.

Look online for businesses that specialize in selling older or rarer models of toilet tanks or toilet tank lids, and contact them with your specifications (yes, such businesses really do exist!). Finally, as a last resort, you may need to contact a master plumber or artisan to build a custom tank specifically for your needs.