Finding Your Septic Tank Cover

Finding your septic tank cover is essential so that you will be able to do the necessary repairs when your septic tank is having problems. Here’s how you can easily find your septic tank cover.

Consult the Blueprint

Look for the blue print of the plumbing system of your house. The blue print will tell you where your septic tank cover is located. Some blueprints use guide marks to tell you where your septic tank cover is.

Follow the Pipe

If you do not have a blueprint, you can follow the pipes. The plumbing of your house will always have a pipe leading outside your house and up to the roof. This pipeline is usually directly connected to the septic tank. Follow all the pipes leading out of your house until your find where the septic tank cover is.

Use a Crowbar

Some septic tanks are buried a meter below the ground and covered with a concrete slab. With a crow bar, hammer the probable areas where your septic tanks is located until you hear a thudding sound of metal hitting against concrete.